How i got the courage to wear rockabilly dresses everyday

I wish i had the courage to wear rockabilly dresses…

That is one of the sentences i hear quite often when people get to know me. I have a closet filled with colorful rockabilly dresses, dresses which most people i know would consider party dresses. For me it’s everyday dresses – why? Because life is too short not to wear whatever you want to.

When i wear my pretty dresses and skirts i feel amazing, and why not feel amazing and look like your best everyday? Why should you only do that when you are going to a party? So, i decided to make everyday a party – clothing wise.

Of course i have party dress items in my closet as well, and dresses i only wear to a party, i also put on party make-up, but my boundaries for everyday clothing is not the way it used to be – and that makes me happy.

How i got the courage to wear rockabilly dresses everyday

It started as a new years promise..

I have always had a crush on beautiful rockabilly dresses, but like most teenagers i did not have the courage to stand out from the crowd. Then i grew up and moved to Copenhagen instead of a smaller town, and started added more and more colorful skirts to my wardrobe. Every time i wore my colorful skirts, i got more and more compliments, and i began to feel mor confident about my clothes. On January 1st. 2012 i made a new years promise to myself – stop wearing pants! I hated my thighs in pants, and did not feel pretty, so why should i wear something that did not make me happy or confident? I only did it to fit in.

Here i am, almost 5 years later and now i’m all in on rockabilly dresses, i wear rockabilly dresses everyday. I haven’t worn pants for 5 years and i don’t own a pair. I even added petticoats to my dresses, i feel confident everyday, and i get compliments everyday too. I truly believe that you are happier if you feel better, and that’s what rockabilly dresses does to me.

How i got the courage to wear rockabilly dresses everyday

What do people say to you about your personal style?

I have never gotten a negative comment about my style, i only get compliments, and i get them almost every day. People come up to me on the streets saying “I love your outfit” and every time i feel more and more confident. I’m sure this is the main reason for my confident, i got so many compliments that i couldn’t stop myself from adding more and more rockabilly dresses to my collection.

I’m so happy to find out that in this gray, black and white fashion world there is actually room for colorful dresses, weird patterns and different outfits. Most people love it, and you just need to get the courage to stand out from the crowd, instead of blending in.

How i got the courage to wear rockabilly dresses everyday

Do you freeze in your rockabilly dresses during winter?

It’s actually not that cold, it’s not colder that wearing pants. I wear quality tights and on cold days i wear two pairs. It’s not as cute as it is during summer, but it’s quilte alright.

I made a blogpost on how to stay warm in rockabilly dresses during winter, i recommend that you read it for tips to stay warm.

How i got the courage to wear rockabilly dresses everyday

How do i get the courage to wear rockabilly dresses?

I would recommend you to take it slow and start with what you like. What makes you feel pretty and what do you dare without loosing confident? I started with skirts, which is quite easy because you don’t have to go all the way and it still makes a huge difference. Start looking for smaller things which you can introduce to your personal style, and as you get more and more confident start adding more items. I am sure your surroundings will compliment you for standing out, and after some time you will not care what others think anymore.

For me it made a huge difference to move to a bigger city, but i know tons of people who are practicing rockabilly and vintage style in smaller cities as well. You just have to believe in yourself.

If you do not know people near you who practices vintage or rockabilly style, i recommend that you search for communities that does. Facebook is a great tool for this, look for Vintage, rockabilly and 50’s groups, and you will meet wonderful people with the same interest and fabulous style as you. My experience is that fellow rockabillys are really kind and caring and will engage you to wear what you want to wear.

Looking for online shops with rockabilly and vintage wear?

I have gathered a long list with european online shops that sells rockabilly, vintage and 50’s clothing. It’s available right here.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hold back and leave a comment .

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