Denmark is pretty cold during winters, and i do not want to wear anything else than dresses and skirts. I love my style, and want to wear what i love most summer or winter. So this is my best tips to stay warm in rockabilly dresses when the winter kicks in.

How to Stay warm in rockabilly dresses during winter

Wear at least 2 pairs of tights 
So your can’t keep warm in tights? Wear two pairs! Preferably a blend with warm kashmir. If it’s really cold i will even add warm socks to stay warm.

Wear petticoats!
If you dare, wear petticoats, i love adding petticoats to all of my outfits, but during winter they are extra beneficial because they keep me stay warm. Plus petticoats are so much fun to wear.

Wear wool blend clothes
Add wool items to your wardrobe, i love my wool skirts that keeps me warm during winter, they are much warmer than regular skirts and dresses.

Winter boots
Buy yourself a nice and warm pair of boots, i bought boots from Lola Ramona which goes perfectly with my outfits and are both warm and great to walk around with. The boots will help you keep warm when it’s really cold.

Cardigans are amazing
Add a warm and beautiful cardigan to your outfit to help you keep warm. Layers will help you keep the cold out, and still looks great with rockabilly dresses.

Buy yourself a warm winter coat:
Do yourself a favor and buy a good coat, one with wool. There’s a huge variety of beautiful coats that goes perfectly with rockabilly dresses. Buy one in good quality instead of going for the wrong one.

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