Dress: Jaguar dress fra Lady V London // Petticoat: Cornflower blue petticoat from Doris designs

Usually i do not really get sick, it rarely happens but this time i got hit really bad. I have been coughing and been sick for a week, and had to stay at home most of the week. Sigh! So it felt really nice to put on my make-up and usual clothes again.

This time i’m wearing my Lady Vintage jaguar dress together with a cornflower blue petticoat from Doris Designs. I’m really impressed with this petticoat, it’s so soft and extremely full, the quality is really good. The petticoat is even full enough to wear as a skirt if i wanted to, and comes with the cutest ribbon.

This i definitely not going to be my last petticoat from Doris Designs, i’m totally hooked.


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