I have been battling a cold for almost 2 weeks now, it’s like it never ends! I’m so sorry for not updating, but this cold has been taking up all of my energy.

However, I finally found a tiny bit of energy and made this list of my rockabilly spring mush haves!Miss L Fire made two new Loretta colours, and they are absolutely beautiful! They would go perfectly with any spring or summer outfit. They are an absolute must-have in my wardrobe.

The shoes can be found at Dencker Deluxe and directly at Miss L Fire

AlexiaDahl.com - Doris Designs petticoats

Doris Designs petticoats have added several new and beautiful colours this season and I am in love with all of them! I especially need the bubblegum pink petticoat in my wardrobe, it’s just beautiful!

The petticoats can be found at Doris Designs

Oh don’t even get me started on Collectifs spring/summer collection, it is to die for! I am literally checking their website on a daily basis to make sure I get my hands on the Icecream dress! These items are not available yet, but will be very soon!

The items will be available on Collectif.co.uk  soon!

Lady V London recently added even more models to their range. They already have a beautiful plus size collection and kids collection. This model is the Dirdle model, a perfect knee length Alexia dress.

The dresses can be found at Lady V London you can even get an 25% discount until midnight with the code SUNSHINE25

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