- outfits januar1: Why i love petticoats // 2: A mint coloured petticoat from Banned

3:The Arlene coat from Collectif Vintage // 4: A Sea witch dress and a Doris Designs petticoat

5: Dolly & Dotty – The Anna 50s swing dress and a Sams petticoat // 6: A watermelon skirt from Unique Vintage

7: A Unique Vintage carousel skirt and a Sams petticoat // 8: A Collectif dress and a Doris Designs petticoat

9: A Minnie Mouse inspired outfit in a Unique Vintage polka dot skirt // 10: A Alice in Wonderland skirt and a Sams Petticoat

2017 is almost over, and boy oh boy… I feel like it just begun!

I guess time flies when you have lots of things to keep you busy. Last year it was our wedding that took most of my time, but this year that title goes to my work. I love my job, so it’s not a bad thing, but I have been working quite a lot this year.

My style round-up for 2017 is a colourful one. I wore petticoats every day, and novelty prints found it’s way into my wardrobe.

My favourite outfit from January-March is definitely the Minnie Mouse outfit – do you have a favourite?

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