Vintage og Rockabilly vinterfrakker1 The Elvira coat from Hell Bunny // 2 The Hazel Coat from Collectif // 3 The Anoushka coat from Collectif // 4 The Isadora coat from Hell Bunny // 5 The Lillian Coat from Collectif // 6 The Riley Coat from Collectif // 7 The Pearl Coat from Collectif // 8 The Claudia coat from Collectif

Well hello Wintertime! The cold has definitely arrived here in Denmark now, last week we still had our windows open and our heaters was still turned off, but this week is totally different and much colder.

The good thing about winter time, is that it’s also time for some beautiful rockabilly winter coats. I will be wearing my Arlene coat by Collectif this year, but that doesn’t mean that i can’t fall in love with some of this seasons rockabilly winter coats.

I’m especially a fan of number 1 the beautiful purple Elvira coat, number 2 an amazing coat looking like somerhing from little red redinghood and number 4 a deep blue Collectif coat.

Which one is your favourite?

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